Sasmitaloka Museum of The Great Commander General Sudirman

Museum Sasmitaloka From the road, a statue of brave men on horseback in the front yard of a house Jl. No.3 Wetan Bintaran attention. This is the house of the General, Commander Soedirman. Since August 30, 1982, the official residence of General Sudirman was enshrined as a museum called the Museum Sasmitaloka Great Commander General Sudirman under the management of the Army.

Like back to the past, maybe this was your first impression on walking in from the main door. One set of tables and chairs are arranged in the ancient residence of the living room is still Soedirma General ceramic berlantaikan tempo first. Like the house in general, this building is equipped with a number of rooms. If you look carefully, in each of the installed door made the room numbers and names that have been sequenced one by one. This allows us to explore the residence of General Soedirman. From the living room, we are invited to enter the lounge. Inside were tables and chairs are also a variety of ancient and Pangsar Soedirman award. Collection spoils Sten Submachine gun made in England in 1845, Lee Enfield rifles made in England, Samurai swords will seize attention as soon as we enter the work space is also displaying the old telephone during the general served as Commander of TKR. Accidentally slept in the room in place of the wax statue of General, adjacent to the bed of white berkelambu used him. In this room are still stored collection of sewing machines that are used daily by ibu Soedirman to sew clothes or fix of General Sudirman. Family photos, photos of his wife and little sons and daughters of General Soedirman displayed next to the bedroom.

Exit from the main building but still in one area, there are a number of other rooms. Ambarawa Palangan space used to store the collection of weapons made in England Mantel Water during the battle against the allies Ambarawa 12-15 December 1945 also made in Japan Juki weapon spoils in Purwokerto Butai Kido military used against the allies in December 1945 Ambarawa City. Replication Ward RS Panti Rapih deliberately created to commemorate the General Soedirman been ill in 1948. Diorama-drawn carriage of the officers, Cars Chevrolet Style Master usual AB 101 driven by General Soedirman during colonial struggle can be seen in Space Vehicles. The last room is the space museum documentation, includes a variety of documentation the death of General Sudirman on January 30, 1950. Some start from the funeral procession, firing flap until his funeral photos displayed visible along the walls of the room.

Museum Sasmitaloka - Replika Bangsal Overall, Sasmitaloka Museum is managed very well. It appears from the arrangement and terawatnya historical objects, personal furniture collection as well as cutlery ancient ceramic. Even the sedan chair used to carry the General Soedirman in the year 1948-1949 was saved. Cleanliness of each ruangannyapun stay awake. The existence of supporting facilities such as toilets. In addition to objects of history witnessed the struggle General Sudirman, the various dioramas heroic battle for independence was also complement Sasmitaloka Museum collection. It would be much better if visitors can also listen to the narration of the battle-diorama diorama so that the atmosphere of battle and inflammatory events morale was much can be felt.

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