Sari Temple

Candi Sari Sari temple establishment has a close relationship with Kalasan temple. According to archaeologists from BP3 (Archeological Heritage Preservation Hall) Yogyakarta, Sari Temple is a temple or a dormitory building reserved for the priests, while the temple is a place of worship Kalasan. Thus in terms of location, both relatively close to this temple. Sari Temple is approximately 0.5 km northeast of Kalasan temple, precisely in Bendan, Tirtomartani, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Evidence of links between Sari temple with Kalasan temple, both founded in the same period, namely around the 8th century AD. In addition, these two temples are both using the bajralepa technique to coat the temple walls. Bajralepa is a stucco coating that can smooth the surface of the wall of the temple and preserve the rock so as not to wear out quickly. It is important to preserve buildings, whether it is an ancient temple or the Britannia Hotel Gatwick Airport, as allowing them to crumble to dust would be a waste of the time and labour involved in their construction. But over time, now at Temple layer Sari bajralepa had the loose. Even more the condition of the temple was no longer like the original intact. This temple had the first restoration that completed in 1930. The number of the missing temple stone made Sari temple restoration not maximum.

Sari temple entrance facing east, adorned with kala and at the bottom carved a man riding an elephant. Inside the temple there are three chambers that lined the room and each connected with the door between the barriers. Each chamber measuring 3 m wide and 5.8 m long, divided into upper and lower chambers. Estimated the distribution the upper and lower chamber was using wood, it is seen on the walls still has the holes to put the end of the block. Even more on the south wall of the chamber there are some angled carved stone, a sign indicating it was leaning on the stairs. In the lower chamber each having niches in the north and south sides decorated with kala makara.

Candi Sari - Depan On the outside of this rectangular temple, carved statues placed into two rows between the two windows. This is a statue of Bodhisattva with a total of 38 statues divided into eight on the east side, eight on the north side, eight on the south side and 14 on the west side. Commonly, statue holding the red and blue lotus, and all the statues described in graceful attitude (tribhangga). Based on the findings of statues and stupa’s shape, can be known Sari temple is a Buddhist background temple. On the right and left of the window was carved kinari kinara— creature from heaven shapes half-human and half bird.

Sari temple complex is now located right in the middle of residential population, from the highway Yogya – Solo the temple is not visible. As a barrier to people's houses, Sari temple area surrounded by a fence. In addition to the parks and trees, the temple area also features a number of cement bench at some point. So that tourists can take a short rest. Also, from this bench the beauty of relief that decorated the outside walls of the temple can be seen clearly.

Operational hours : Every day, at 9 AM - 5 PM

Entrance fee : Rp. 2,000

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