Kuwaru Beach

One more beach in Bantul area should be included in your tour agenda, Kuwaru beach, located in the Poncosari, Srandakan, Bantul, Yogyakarta. It is a shame to pass up this place.

Playing waves or just sitting on the beach enjoying the blue sea and the waves chasing each other can be a panacea of your daily routine work or study.

Visiting the beach is not complete if you does not play with the water, especially when the waves come and touch our bodies would be nice. Yet for your own safety, you should not bathe or swim until the middle of the sea. To clean our body from the sea water or sand, around the coast there are a number of toilets.

After You satisfield playing waves, if feels hungry, at the Kuwaru beach area there are many food sellers who offering a variety of foods ranging from packaged snack manufacturer, traditional cakes to fried foods. If you feel thirsty, there are more options available, various ice cream, cold water, and ronde (drink based from ginger extract) are often found.

According to traders around the beach coast, the number of visitors who came is relatively stable even though it was not a holiday season or on Sunday, so they are not worried with their sale omzet. In addition, around the coast there are several food stalls, which are ready to process various marine products from fresh fish that catching by the fishermen can be enjoyed in a variety of cuisines, and about the price, is more cheaper than the seafood restaurant in town. Seeing the potential for great seafood product, is not surprised if in the future Kuwaru beach will be developed into an integrated fishing port.

It is reasonable, when many tourists come to the Kuwaru beach, because besides having a beautiful panorama and the seafood culinary alternative place, Kuwaru beach relatively has a cool weather. Unlike most barren beach with intense hot air, on this beach is growing acacia trees and pine trees. These trees are purposely planted to reduce abrasion that from year to year even worse. The increasing number of tourists should also be going along with infrastructure improvements such as road maintenance and a signboard directing Kuwaru beach.

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