Kedulan Temple

Candi Kedulan - Alas Candi Perhaps your current image to visit the Temple Kedulan is an ancient temple still standing strong. Unfortunately the beauty temple Kedulan could not fully enjoy because this time, the temple is located in the Kedulan, Tirtomartani, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta is still under reconstruction.

In the middle basin of land large enough only visible part of the foot Kedulan temple. While other parts of the body and roof of the temple placed on the other side of this temple area. Parts of the body and roof of the temple Kedulan condition no longer intact, so take time to rearrange the stones of the temple which was free to fit the original design.

On September 24, 1993, the temple was found in a state Kedulan collapsed and buried by volcanic lava and sediment thickness of 8 m which is composed of 15 layers of sediment. At that time, miners were digging sand, then at a depth of approximately 3 meters visible structure of the temple stones. From this location found Sumundul Inscription and Panangaran Inscription. The writing on both inscription was using the letter and the ancient Javanese language dated Çaka 791 or 869 AD that once made an estimate of time temple Kedulan establishment. In broad outline of the contents of the inscription is a dawuhan (dam) that is used by people from two villages namely Panangaran and Parhyangan and obligation to pay taxes.

Candi Kedulan - Atap Candi From the results of reconstruction is known that the building of Kedulan temple has a main square temple and three perwara temple on the east side of the main temple. This temple is estimated to have a yard fence I and II, but until now only yard I found the fence on the north-south. The main temple has a size smaller than the foot of the temple of 4 x 4 m. Body of the temple has a cubicle containing a phallus and yoni with the entrance on the east. While on either side of the entrance there are niches containing the statue of Mahakala and Nandiswara. Yoni spout to the north and the north wall under the niche in the hole (water channels) into the hall.

Candi Kedulan - Tubuh Candi Although parts of the body and roof of the temple of this Hindu religion background is not completed, but the temple Kedulan still interesting to visit. Unlike the other temples are built on a hill, this temple just below the surface of the ground with a depth of approximately 8 m. Things like this will remind Sambisari temple which is also under the surface. Later, if Kedulan temple has been renovated this temple must have looked very pretty. Because in addition to a unique location, this temple relief is very beautiful. Decorated with makara and gods, from the rocks that have not been completely stack, we can see a kind of relief that appeared motif of batik done with great detail.

Operational hours : Every day, at 9 AM - 5 PM

Entrance fee : free

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