Kuwaru Beach

One more beach in Bantul area should be included in your tour agenda, Kuwaru beach, located in the Poncosari, Srandakan, Bantul, Yogyakarta. It is a shame to pass up this place.

Playing waves or just sitting on the beach enjoying the blue sea and the waves chasing each other can be a [...]

Sari Temple

Sari temple establishment has a close relationship with Kalasan temple. According to archaeologists from BP3 (Archeological Heritage Preservation Hall) Yogyakarta, Sari Temple is a temple or a dormitory building reserved for the priests, while the temple is a place of worship Kalasan. Thus in terms of location, both relatively close to this temple. [...]

Kedulan Temple

Perhaps your current image to visit the Temple Kedulan is an ancient temple still standing strong. Unfortunately the beauty temple Kedulan could not fully enjoy because this time, the temple is located in the Kedulan, Tirtomartani, Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta is still under reconstruction.

In the middle basin of land large enough only [...]

Kalasan Temple

To find the location of Kalasan temple is not difficult. From highway Yogya – Solo, about 14 km east of Yogyakarta, the temple in the south of the road would have seen. Just need to enter the narrow street about 50 m, we have entered the temple complex that administratively into the territory [...]

Sasmitaloka Museum of The Great Commander General Sudirman

From the road, a statue of brave men on horseback in the front yard of a house Jl. No.3 Wetan Bintaran attention. This is the house of the General, Commander Soedirman. Since August 30, 1982, the official residence of General Sudirman was enshrined as a museum called the Museum Sasmitaloka Great Commander General [...]

Dewantara Kirti Griya Museum

Comfortable, maybe this is the first impression we will feel when entered into Dewantara Kirti Griya Museum. Residential atmosphere that serve as the museum which located on Jl. Tamansiswa No. 25 Yogyakarta is beautiful. The owner, Ki Hajar Dewantara wanted his residence to be a museum. Various types of books stored in cabinets, [...]

Fort Vredeburg Museum

Visiting Yogyakarta tourism object is not complete without coming to Fort Vredeburg Museum. This fortress has a high historical value to the struggle against the tyranny. Before known as the Fort Vredeburg as now, the fort was named Fort Rustenburg.

In the year 1760, at the request of the Netherlands, Sri Sultan [...]